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Become an Auditor

Our auditing services range from large-scale, supplier-led audit programmes on behalf of major retailers to farm assurance, fire risk, food safety and health & safety audits. We carry out over 60,000 second-party audits every year across the world for in-house retailer and supplier schemes, as well as third-party audits for accredited industry-wide schemes such as BRC, Red Tractor and GLOBALG.A.P. Our audits can be offered stand-alone or as part of a bundle of integrated services.

Supply Chain Auditors (Manufacturing and Processing)

NSF’s food safety programmes are wide ranging, with over 50 schemes in the portfolio. This gives our auditors scope to gain experience in different industries, as well as the ability to develop expertise in other technical standards.

Job Details

How Does It Work?

The supply chain food safety auditor is responsible for evaluating a supplier’s compliance with relevant standards and predetermined criteria for food safety and quality, producing reports detailing audit findings, communicating those results to the supplier as well as NSF team members and collecting samples for shipment to NSF testing facilities.

Food safety audits demand individuals with a good technical knowledge of quality and food safety management systems. They must also be able to apply knowledge of the food safety hazards, preventive controls and the applicable legislation to the food safety sector they are evaluating.

Qualifications and Experience Required

Most NSF supply chain auditors have a background in enforcement roles or as quality managers in food manufacturing. However other backgrounds may be relevant, such as specialists in logistics or packaging, with direct work experience in their area of expertise or relevant auditing experience.

Auditors are required to have a qualification in a relevant field, such as food science, nutrition, biology, chemistry or similar. Supply chain food safety auditors require at least five years’ experience working or auditing in a food environment. It is also beneficial to have worked in a number of different types of industries. The wider the experience, the more areas you can audit.

As food safety experts, NSF auditors are required both to hold certificated qualifications in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and to have completed a lead auditor course.

Why Work With NSF?

As a multinational company, NSF offers opportunities for development into wider areas of the organisation. Many auditors go on to training, consulting, technical/certification or senior management roles.

With auditors operating globally, there are opportunities to work in other countries if you would like the experience to live and work in another part of the world.

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Retail Auditors

Our team of retail food safety auditors are responsible for evaluating retail outlet compliance to both the client’s processes and policies and for assessing the practices observed during the visit to the retail outlet to provide a generic risk assessment against the current FHRS regulations.

Job Details

How Does It Work?

Each visit is scheduled by the auditor as part of a pack of work allocated every two months, allowing a flexible working pattern to be achieved by our team. Some clients have specific times and days when you can and cannot audit, which is managed through our central systems for you.

Each audit it conducted on an NSF tablet which contains all the relevant information about that client, the audit questions, scoring and policy guidance.

Every retail food auditor has their own designated team manager who is an experienced auditor in their own right, on whom they can call for advice during the audit, with a central support team also in place for more complex or urgent issues.

Qualifications and Experience Required

Our team of retail food safety auditors come from a variety of backgrounds including ex chefs, current and former EHOs, food technologists, pest control experts, recently qualified EHP students or from within NSF. NSF considers that all have something unique to offer our clients but all have achieved a minimum Level 4 Food Safety and Level 4 H&S qualification, whilst many are EHORB or Chartered CIEH members. Membership to CIEH is a requirement of our retail auditors with the annual subscription paid for by NSF to support this avenue of information cascade and business updates.

Why Work With NSF?

NSF retail clients are wide ranging, with over 60 major clients utilising the services of NSF’s retail audit team each year. This provides the opportunity to work alongside some of the UK’s leading brands and independent operators, each bringing their own challenges and opportunities.

Many of our clients operate in the UK and across Europe, and retail auditors have the opportunity to train to deliver client audits across Europe.

NSF also offer CPD throughout the year as part of our regional and national meetings which can be used toward an auditor’s CPD tally. Auditors are also expected to maintain their own CPD program and achieve minimum CIEH expectations through personal development.

As part of a multinational company, NSF offers opportunities for development into wider areas of the organisation. Many auditors go on to training, consulting, technical/certification or senior management roles.

With auditors operating globally, there are opportunities to work outside Europe.

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Agriculture Auditors

For over 20 years NSF have been working with the UK’s farm assurance schemes, food manufacturers and retailers auditing farms against the standards they require. Today we are working with over 30,000 UK farms.

We work across all agricultural sectors including beef and lamb, dairy, poultry, eggs, pigs, crops and fresh produce.

If you have a passion for all things agriculture, have working experience and/or agricultural-related qualifications and would like to work with us to deliver farm audits, we would love to hear from you.

Job Details

How Does It Work?

The farm assurance schemes we work with require us to sign the farm up as a scheme member. As a condition of membership, the farmer must meet the scheme standards all year round. To establish compliance, the farmer has to pass an audit in the first 28 days of new membership and either every 12 or 18 months thereafter.

NSF have databases that manage the audit scheduling. When audits are required, an office-based team member allocates audits to the auditor. The auditor then books an audit day directly with the farmer.

Once the audit is completed, the auditor completes a checklist and then downloads it into an NSF database.

Qualifications and Experience Required

The best qualification you can have is experience working in a particular agriculture area. We also welcome people with a BSc in an agriculture- or animal welfare-related qualification.

Other required skills that are critical to the role are:

  • Ability to communicate and engage with both the farming community and colleagues in a confident and patient manner whilst ensuring understanding
  • Enthusiasm and energy with a keen eye for detail and a passion to improve standards
  • Ability to manage conflict/difficult situations in a firm but empathetic manner
  • Ability to manage own time, plan in work and organise yourself to meet deadlines
  • General IT skills

Why Work With NSF?

We are the UK’s largest and leading provider of farm assurance audits and have experienced office and remote teams to support you.

You can expect to be trained in the standards and auditing techniques and you will receive regular training and communication.

NSF operates to the highest practical environmental, social and ethical policies.

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