NSF Connect
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NSF Connect

NSF Connect (formerly known as NSF Online) is a secure, cloud-based portal that allows clients to manage their audits, test reports, corrective actions and accounting information, while also providing valuable business intelligence and trend analysis data.

NSF Connect lets you easily manage your data and stay current on requirements, all in one place at any time from any device. You can:

  • Measure and benchmark performance through advanced reporting tools
  • Personalize your dashboard with alerts and actions that matter to you
  • Manage security access for your information and people
  • Access your audits and findings
  • Manage the full life cycle of corrective actions

In addition, depending on your NSF service, you may also be able to:

  • Track your projects and work orders
  • Download and print certificates
  • Share compliance requirements with suppliers
  • Get a bird’s eye view for all activities related to sites and suppliers
  • Collect, track and monitor complaints and issues

“NSF’s client portal, NSF Connect, allows us to access, document and plan for all of our compliance needs. It is easily used to locate audits, results and any corrective actions needed. Using this combined data it also allows us to develop training which can improve knowledge and performance. Combined this gives us confidence in knowing the policies, procedures and best practices we follow help us meet all compliance needs.”

- Jonathan O’Reilly, Regional Training Manager – Europe, Hard Rock International