Helping Ensure Passenger and Worker Safety at a Major UK International Airport

Seventy eight million passengers pass through the airport every year, on top of the staff working in the retail outlets and the many businesses such as airlines that rent office space there. Risk management of fire and other safety hazards is of utmost importance. On behalf of the airport management, NSF conducts fire and health & safety audits across the retail outlets in all terminals, ranging from bars and restaurants to fashion and gifts, as well as a conducting a micro-sampling and lab testing programme in the food retail outlets.

An NSF expert also works on-site at the airport to provide end-to-end management and delivery of a fire safety and health & safety audit programme for the property tenants, including scheduling, conduct of audit and close-out of corrective actions.

NSF is is working closely with the property and health & safety teams at the airport and we take part regularly in the risk forum meetings and other safety events. Fire safety training is now delivered by an expert fire safety provider.