Underpinning Food Safety for a Major UK-Based Airline

Delivering safe and quality food to passengers in-flight and in airport lounges across 44 countries and supplied by 40 catering kitchens is no easy task.

NSF provides the audit services for this airline’s catering operations for both fully-cooked and defrost-of-pre-cooked offers, through a team that is fully trained and calibrated against the airline’s own audit standards. The audits are risk-based and the frequency of audits is scheduled according to a rating assigned by NSF to the catering suppliers based on their compliance performance. The audit team is UK-based and provides a fly/drive service to audits in other countries, with the results and corrective action data fully accessible to the client through NSF Connect, our cloud-based compliance management system.

NSF also provides wider support and peace of mind to the client through our helpline and advisory services, which are available 24 hours a day and can provide management of issues such as complaints, alleged food poisoning, allergens and other incidents up to complete resolution.