Avoid a House of Horrors This Halloween

October 27, 2020

OXFORD, U.K. - As one of the top ten annual events in the UK, last year, Halloween saw one in five Brits hit the streets trick-or-treating – and that’s just the adults! But as COVID-19 cases continue to rise, public health experts at NSF International are calling on the nation to be thoughtful about answering their doors to trick-or-treaters.

To support healthy practices across the country, NSF International is encouraging anyone who wants to actively opt-out of trick-or-treating to display a ghost in the window – a seasonal symbol that revellers should avoid that household.

To further help households, NSF has created a simple ghost graphic that can be downloaded from its website for free. By placing this on their doors or windows, households can limit their own risk exposure this Halloween – and save lives in the process.

Rob Chester, UK Managing Director at NSF International, commented: “We’re not telling people to boycott Halloween – everybody could do with having a bit of harmless fun at the moment. But COVID-19 won’t be taking a day off on the 31 October, so neither can we in our attempts to avoid the spread of the virus. For the sake of our nation’s health, that means taking a year off from trick-or-treating. We hope that displaying a ghost in the window will help to ward off unwelcome visitors and keep the COVID-19 transmission risk down.”

NSF International is playing an important part in our nation’s COVID-19 relief efforts through its Checked by NSF program, supporting small businesses to reopen through a tailored verification program.