Brexit Webinar Series Explores Impacts on UK Food Industry

February 16, 2021

In a series of three Brexit-themed webinars, brought to you by NSF’s food consulting team, a panel of food and policy experts discuss how the latest developments in policy, supply chain and regulation affect the food sector.

Panelists David Henig, Director of the UK Trade Policy Project, Jackie Healing, Director of NSF International’s Consulting and Technical Services, and Claire Goring, NSF’s Supply Chain and Technical Consulting Manager, tackle important issues for the UK food industry.

They highlight some of the key themes in recent months, including:

  • Regulatory challenges the food industry can expect from Brexit
  • Challenges the industry may face when sourcing raw materials and ingredients
  • Things to consider when moving goods across borders especially to and from Ireland
  • Preparing for the inevitable changes in labelling

View the series of Brexit-themed webinars

In this constantly evolving landscape, be sure to check our social media feed and website for any future changes and impacts, as well as details of upcoming webinars and blogs.

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