NSF International Launches a “Funny Photo Meme” Competition for a Fundraising Calendar

May 16, 2018

NSF has partnered with FCN, the Farming Community Network, to support the whole farming community and the vital role farming plays. We both understand that farming is not just a business; it’s a way of life. To start this support, NSF will donate £10 to FCN every time one of our existing members switches their payment method to direct debit.

We are also launching a photo competition for our 2019 calendar, with the aim of capturing the funny side of farming. Not only will it raise a smile, but it will also raise money for a community that deserves the support.

Charles Smith, chief executive of FCN, said: “At the moment, life is extremely difficult for many people within the farming community. The primary role of FCN’s 400+ volunteers is to ‘walk with’ those people and help them find a positive outcome to their situation. Through this competition, our hope is that these photos will go some way to putting the smile back on the faces of those who don’t have much to smile about. We are delighted that NSF are supporting us in this way.”

NSF International’s Agriculture Director Anita Roberts said, “We admire the work that FCN do with farmers and their families; that’s why we have chosen to start our support by donating £10 to them every time one of our existing members switches their membership payment method to direct debit. Our work supports thousands of UK farmers and we want to extend that support with FCN and the wonderful work they do for farmers.”

Submit your photos and an accompanying tagline (meme) to competition@nsf.org. Submissions will be accepted until 13th July 2018 and all calendars will be on sale from August 2018. All calendar proceeds will be donated to FCN.

Check out a full list of competition terms & conditions.