NSF Verify – Blockchain-Based Platform Now in Pilot Stage

July 17, 2019

NSF is pleased to announce that we are entering the pilot phase of our new platform, NSF Verify.

The Verify platform can prove the authenticity and provenance of individual cattle and fully demonstrate their movements across boundaries and borders. The platform can track cattle transfers and provide information on animal welfare and veterinary care, from birth to slaughter. We have a project team that comprises the tech-build and also a farmer, which is important in understanding the needs of the 36,000+ farms we currently serve each year.

The platform has been built to be used across a number of sectors but is initially being trialled on the cattle sector in Northern Ireland and the North East of England.

The short video from earlier in the development demonstrates the multi-factor authentication including:

  • DNA testing of the animal and linking to the cow from birth to death: This is linked to an individual ID number
  • RFID tagging: Ensuring the cow’s details can easily be registered at all life events such as illness/treatment/weigh-ins
  • Geolocation data points on each scan: So that the movement and transfer of the cow can be managed throughout its life

All this data is then held in a secure blockchain and cannot be changed, therefore providing full life history. It can be easily accessed and data can be uploaded via a mobile app on a smartphone.

This benefits the farmer by reducing paperwork and time. It also reduces any mistakes and eases the burden of providing evidence of the cow’s provenance, breed history and potentially its welfare. This makes the entire protein chain more transparent and trustworthy for processors, retailers and consumers alike and reduces deliberate or accidental fraud.

But there are many more benefits to the platform than just this… As the pilot progresses we will post some vlogs and updates on the platform.

NSF Verify – A new world of trust