Asda Endorsed Gold Standard Specification Writing Course

Special offer for January 2020
The Asda Hive Product Lifecycle Management System – Food

Spaces available on our next course on 21 January at £298.50s a savings of £99.50 (ex. VAT).

Asda suppliers attending company conferences made a request for a classroom training session to enhance the learning available from online videos.

NSF worked with the technical team at Asda to develop a hands-on classroom course where access to computers provides an opportunity to work in a test area and hone skills.

The course follows the specification generation process from beginning to end and emphasises the key Asda requirements for completing their specifications.

Delegates who have attended the course have enjoyed working through the sample exercises completing recipe pages of specifications, gathering additional hints and tips, and sharing experiences with other delegates.

The course was developed at the suppliers’ request to provide a forum for gaining greater knowledge and understanding. Asda was keen to support the development of this course to drive “right first time” submissions, streamline the approval process and drive the often-challenging timelines.

Delegates are encouraged to bring their own products and experiences of using Hive to the training as there is a significant learning opportunity to reflect on actual experience of users.

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