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Airport and Airline Services

Food safety and health & safety issues are a top priority concern in airports, which are large multi-site/multi-space operations which engage thousands of workers in hangars, offices and retail units and have throughputs of hundreds of thousands of passengers and visitors every day. Likewise, airlines run and use large-scale, complex catering operations across locations in multiple territories worldwide. The safety of the food people eat and the spaces they pass through is paramount, but complex and difficult to control, often in situations where the airport or airline has a liability but is working through contracted organisations or is renting out units on its property.

NSF has extensive experience and expertise in these situations and has the global reach to handle the special requirements of airports and airlines, both ground-side and in-flight, through our teams of auditors, consultants and laboratory testing services.

Our aim is to offer you an expert, value-for money and efficient service provision, that provides comprehensive audit services tailored to your needs in fire, health & safety, food safety and environmental health, backed up by the deeper resources of our teams of consultants, scientists and trading law specialists when needed. So you get not just our regular services but access to so much more.

We can support your business with a flexible service to fulfil all your needs, up to and including full outsourcing of your safety and quality functions. Specific services can include third-party and bespoke compliance audits, supplier performance management, product assurance, responsible sourcing, fraud prevention, trading standards and even mystery shopping.

As an independent expert resource to your business, we can help you step back to look at the bigger strategic picture and gain insights into emerging issues that help you develop appropriate, forward-looking policies and systems to give you competitive differentiation.

Whatever your needs, NSF has the technical services to fulfil them.