Reopening after COVID-19
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Reopening After COVID-19

Emerge confidently from COVID-19 closures with NSF, leaders in public health and safety.

We have created a new programme, Checked by NSF™, which supports the reopening of your business, ensuring that you reopen and stay open confidently and safely, in line with government guidelines and focusing on the safety and well-being of your customers and people.

The service covers a wide range of sectors including restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, retail stores, museums, leisure centers, offices and schools. Checked by NSF™ helps build trust with staff, customers and the community by helping address the uncertainties of planning for the new normal of a COVID-19 world.

Our Solution

NSF's three-phase Checked by NSF™ COVID-19 control plan helps companies communicate their commitment to best-practice guidance on COVID-19 protection for their employees and customers.

Phase 1: Plan

  • Form and train your COVID-19 team (legal requirements, COVID-19 basics, etc.)
  • Establish your foundational controls and policies
  • Develop risk-based (hot spot) control plans
  • Create your reopening task planner and timelines

Phase 2: Implement

  • Prepare your site; implement administrative and COVID-19 controls as per your plan
  • Train employees on new controls
  • Reopen

Phase 3: Improve

  • Maintain program effectiveness through ongoing monitoring and management
  • Continuously improve and update your controls as science evolves, risks change and your programme matures

Checked by NSF™ is supported by a custom app that enables collaboration among sites, managers and quality teams, benchmarking of operations and risk-based analytics of leading indicators to proactively mitigate hazards.

Nearly every industry has been affected by COVID-19, and each has special considerations that need to be in place for reopening. With effects felt across every region and sector, employees and customers need reassurance that the best practices in risk mitigation and protection are implemented.

Featured industry sectors include:

  • Commercial/office
  • Educational/cultural
  • Hospitality/hotel
  • Leisure
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Retail (food and nonfood)
  • Restaurants/foodservice

This service is flexible depending where you are on your COVID-19 journey.

If you have already reopened and want us to do some double checking, please contact us at

Development of NSF’s COVID-19 reopening programme was led by a team of experts that includes microbiologists, scientists, Ph.D.s, medical doctors, former WHO technical officers, ex-regulators, engineers, chemists and other professionals specialising in public health and the environment.

Their efforts created a comprehensive program of science-based guidance and a variety of easy-to-use tools that any industry can use to reopen and stay open during this pandemic.