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Responsible Sourcing

Your customers, consumers and investors are increasingly looking for evidence of responsible and sustainable sourcing practices.

Working with us to develop your responsible sourcing strategy can deliver strong competitive and brand value benefits to your business while meeting your commercial objectives.

Our services include:

  • Risk assessment and/or audit: We assess your supply chain to help you understand and map your vulnerabilities.
  • Roadmap design: We help you define objectives to guide your business to your responsibility targets.
  • Clearview: This unique certification scheme run by the Association of Labour Providers (ALP) involves audits of labour providers to demonstrate they operate to good ethical standards. NSF is the sole scheme manager. Learn more on the Clearview website
  • Modern slavery: We can advise on your obligatory modern slavery statement, risk assess, map and advise on issues. We have a suite of training tools to raise awareness of the problem amongst your employees and supply chain.
  • Social auditing
  • Animal welfare: We provide consulting and training services in both the protein supply chain and textiles industry.
  • Integra: This specialist team provides animal welfare and traceability inspections to customers wanting to ensure the integrity of their animal origin supply chains (both meat and textiles).
  • Product provenance: Our traceability services including certified inspections for ‘free from’ and other claims.
  • Horizon scanning: Our customised services cover trends and emerging issues in the areas that may affect your business – helping you to plan for the future.