Frozen raspberries and blackberries being sorted by machines.
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Supply Chain Assurance

Be sure that your products are safe and legal.

Use NSF to manage the due diligence for all your suppliers, including manufacturing, wholesale, storage and distribution operations and to ensure the integrity and traceability of your products. We can:

  • Ensure suppliers meet and are up to date with the required accredited or bespoke standards to ensure safety, legality and quality
  • Provide technical approvals for new suppliers
  • Conduct risk assessments for all relevant issues including health and safety, modern slavery compliance, environmental policies, ethical sourcing and more
  • Co-ordinate the whole supplier inspection process for you, including technical review of assessment reports from suppliers using other inspection bodies
  • Support suppliers to improve their technical competence where needed

IT Systems

Our IT platform, NSF Connect, gives you full business and supply chain transparency and control through a user-friendly dashboard interface.